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Editorial Newspaper Illustrations
Illustrations for
Die Welt & Springer Publications

Die Welt, one of Germany's large daily newspapers from Axel Springer publishers, was actually one of my very first regular clients back in the early nineties when it all started. Over a period of five or six years, I used to supply weekly artwork for their Saturday section on educational topics. As of late, I am again a regular for Welt am Sonntag, the terrific Sunday edition, and other Springer publications.

Welt am Sonntag ("World on Sunday") is a German national Sunday newspaper published by Axel Springer in Berlin. It is the Sunday edition of the weekday Die Welt. Welt am Sonntag was recognized as one of the "World’s Best-Designed Newspapers" by the Society for News Design.

Medical Talk (Oct 2016)

BILD, Germany’s largest newspaper, has featured my cartoon-style illustrations on medical talk on the first page. The spots illustrate the derogatory secret language of medical practitioners.

Misbehaving Patient


Clever Doctor Bad Breath

How Doctors Live Healthy (April 2016)

I created a bunch of collage-style pieces for BESSER LEBEN magazine that illustrate various medical practioners' personal recommendations on staying healthy.

How Doctors live Healthy


Drinking Water Relaxing on Cushion

ABC of Wellness (Oct 2014)

Some more whimsical-style vignettes for an alphabet of wellness I made for Welt am Sonntag.

Yoga Pose

Olive Oil

Honey Facial Mask

First Date Mistakes (Oct 2014)

These are some of the whimsical icons I made for a Welt am Sonntag feature on embarrassing mistakes that many make on a first date.

Tiger King

Trolley Problem (May 2014)

Here's an illustration on the infamous Trolley Problem from the 1970's that I made for Welt am Sonntag. It describes the ethical dilemma faced by the train driver hurtling toward five track workers. A bystander can stop the train by throwing a fat man on the tracks who happens to be standing standing next to him.

Philosophical Trolley Problem

Stock Market Bubbles (Jan 2014)

This set of illustrations was created to illustrate an article for a Welt am Sonntag feature on stock market bubbles. I exemplified the various stages of invention, imitation, the evolving bubble, and its breaking into pieces by a little comic strip without words.

Inventors and Imitators

Electoral Districts (Aug 2013)

These mixed-media pieces illustrate a Welt am Sonntag feature on the upcoming federal election in Germany. They visualize specific landmarks from various politicians' electoral districts, from conservative CDU's Angela Merkel's Stralsund (the Ozenaneum aquarium) to socialist SPD's Sigmar Gabriel's Wolfenbüttel (Herzog August Library) and liberal FDP's Rainer Brüderle's Mainz (carneval).

Readers on Heavy Book

Jumping Shark

Carneval Cap

Gotha Lovers (Gothaer Liebespaar)

Wider Use of Churches (July 2013)

Here's a mixed-media piece I did for a Welt am Sonntag feature on alternative uses of church buildings. You can spot the church building in the center and large-size billboards surrounding it. The article also mentions my cover design for Thomas von Mitschke-Collande's Consultant’s View on the Catholic Church.

Commercial Misuse of Churches

How to Invest Best (Oct 2012)

Here's a large mixed-media piece I did for a Welt am Sonntag feature on investments. It shows a bunch of puzzled investors in front of a circular maze wondering where to get the best interest rates for their money.

Financial Investment Maze

Don’t Get Stressed Out (June 2012)

This set of illustrations was published in Welt am Sonntag for an article entitled “Kein Problem mit Datenstress” (”Don’t Get Stressed Out from Digital Data”). The double spread was on “digital stress,” and accompanied an interview with German Secretary of Family Affairs, Kristina Schröder.

The images show how differently people are handling large amounts of data coming in from the Internet, cell phones, and the media. I employed mixed-media for the art.

Digital Data

Trendy Peacock

Smartphone Cowboy

Professional Musician at Work

Data Octopus

Old-Fashioned Phone

Lone Island WLAN

 Let’s Talk Politics (June 2012)

These pieces were created for a Welt am Sonntag double-spread special on a variety of political agendas ranging from finance and taxes to family, education, energy, and foreign affairs.

Political Agenda

German Police Shepherd

German Bodybuilder

Wind Turbine Sunflower

Canonball Graduate

Mixed Family

Euro Bull

Traffic Trouble (June 2012)

I made this bunch for a three-page Welt am Sonntag feature on mobility and traffic. I went for a whimsical touch that resorts to using more areas of color than outlines.

It was huge fun turning around stuff like bikers, car drivers, subway trains, trucks, policemen, pedestrians walking their dogs, and a hedgehog on a surfboard.


Traffic Jam

Goose Cycler / Giraffe on Skates

Skateboard Hedgehog / Bear Riding an E-Bike

The Ghost of Inflation (June 2012)

Here's a quick cartoon-style piece for a Welt am Sonntag feature on inflation.

Sad Ghost in Chains

Bouncing Back After Breaking Up
(May 2012)

This illustration got published in Welt am Sonntag, and also appeared in a slightly modified version in Welt Kompakt, a tabloid digest by the same name.

It was on support and custody issues, and assembles a number of icons involving failed love, breaking up, lonely children, moving out, and paying dues.


Breakup Trouble

Mobile Access Fees (May 2012)

This one I made on skyrocketing cell phone fees when phoning from abroad.

Cell Phone Fees

Love and Money (March 2012)

These icon illustrations were created to accompany a Welt am Sonntag topic on love and money, and the different types of relationships revolving around this.

Love and Money

Wine Devine (October 2011)

This artwork for a Welt am Sonntag article on wine shows a woman holding a glass of wine that has a a thermometer sticking out to measure the temperature amidst a Tuscany landscape setting and assembled wine accessories.

Wine Tasting

Singles Are From Venus,
Couples Are From Mars (October 2011)

Here’s a piece for Welt am Sonntag illustrating the two worlds that people living alone vs. people engaged in a relationship find themselves in. (I managed to incorporate my mom and my grandma into this image, which is always a treat.)

Singles vs. Couples

Mobbing is Killing from the Inside
(October 2011)

This illustration got published in Welt am Sonntag, and also appeared in a slightly modified version in Welt Kompakt, a tabloid digest by the same name.

It was on support and custody issues, and assembles a number of icons involving failed love, breaking up, lonely children, moving out, and paying dues.


Happy Germs (April 2011)

These are some of the pieces I made for Welt am Sonntag on germs taking over hospitals.


Happy Germs

Sick Man
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